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DUCATI 1200 Monster equipped with TITAX products

5 December 2016

TITAX continues to extend the range of its High Performance Products for Ducati bikes. We are proud to introduce the newest TITAX "EVO" levers for Ducati Monster 1200  - the only truly ergonomic levers on the market, with the 360°Adjustable Clamps  which allow a rise in handlebars height from 0-90 mm in 5 mm increments and to move them back up to 50 mm in 4 mm increments, Our aluminum extra stiff handlebars made from forged 700 grade aluminum – we guarantee to have the strongest units by about 300% over competing products ! Add our awesome front fork adjusters available in the same colors and style. That’s TITAX quality ! The BEST of the BEST !

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