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HONDA CB 1000R and TITAX Steering Stabilizer vol.2

25 January 2013

Rotary steering dampers are becoming the preferred option for many of the top teams. The reason companies that have previously made the older style rod and piston steering dampers are now offering rotary steering dampers is because:

  • The positioning on top of the triple clamp allows riders to adjust the the damper dial while riding. This offers massive advantages in the ease of set up and reducing track set up time.
  • Mounting the steering damper coaxially with the steering axis provides linear operation of the damping throughout the turning range.
  • The units are less likely to be damaged in an accident allowing a rider to pick up his bike and continue racing safely with a functioning steering damper. Traditional rod and piston dampers are both fragile in design and location.

Titax steering dampers are similar in operation to the other steering dampers but they offer several key performance advantages.
Because of the smooth operation of a good steering damper, many riders do not realise the large amount of kinetic energy that a steering damper must process. This energy is absorbed by the steering damper and dissipated as heat. Titax analysed the performance of competitive steering dampers and realised that thermally inefficient designs lead to unnecessary escalation of the damping fluid temperature. At the start of a race/ride the fluid is cold. It's damping characteristics change as it heat fluctuates during a race leading to unstable operation of the damper during the course of a race/ride. In addition over a period of time excessive heat destroys the damping fluid prematurely, increasing the service requirements. Riders become aware of this fluid destruction when they notice that adjustments have less and less effect on the damping performance.

As a result of these discoveries Titax has a simple and unique solution to this problem. Titax units key competitive advantage over other rotary steering dampers is that they have eliminated one of the main sources of thermal inefficiency that leads to these problems.

Titax's mounting kits are bolt on kits (unlike other brands) and require no frame welding or drilling and consequently do not compromise the safety of your bike. The mounting kits are a work of art and come complete with all hardware and brackets necessary for fitting. The cost of the bolt on mounting kits is included in the price of the steering damper.

Titax racing products are manufactured in Europe on state of the art CNC and Laser Cutting machinery. They are battle hardened in the most competitive race series on the planet by the worlds elite motorcyclists. Titax products have been used by MotoGP and Superbike teams by riders such as Leon Haslam, John Hopkins, Eugene Laverty, Yonny Hernandez, Mikka Kalio, Anthony West and New Zealand champion Nick Cole.

Titax products undergo intensive independent metalurgical and chemical analysis by TUV automotive laboratories in Germany and are certified according to ISO 9001 standards. Few other manufacturers take these additional safety precautions.


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