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TITAX comes with the revolutionary Adjustable CLIP ONS with the widest range of the adjustment from 3°till 11°.   The full range of the movement up and down is 40 mm. Applications for more than 150 bikes. Used in MOTO 2 ! The other producers bent the tubes which make the tubes softer. This can be danger for the rider. TITAX is producing the tubes from one piece of forged billet aluminium. It is not common tube. It is full material, where we have to make drilling and other arrangements on our “state of the art” CNCs. Of course it requires more work. But we love to do it.  We want to give to TITAX user the BEST PRODUCT and advantage on during the RIDE ! Thanks to that TITAX guarantee the best stiffness and confidence in the hardest possible conditions. 250% more ! No. 1

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