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TITAX comes with the revolutionary Adjustable CLIP ONS with the widest range of the adjustment from 3°till 11°.   The full range of the movement up and down is 40 mm. Applications for more than 150 bikes. USED in MOTO 2 !
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TITAX GP protector is completely different from anything on the market. Light and fashionable design. The design directly from MOTO GP. "STRENGHTEN FORMULA". Made from the finest aircraft Aluminium. Available for the most of sport and naked bikes. The real function and protection !
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TITAX EVO Levers are now available !

TITAX strategy is to concentrate to the Highest Quality items only. We are always trying to be ahead against the others with our development, quality and image. One of them are the new TITAX EVO levers - the only truly ergonomic levers on the market. We call them “DIAMOND” among the adjustable levers. The TITAX EVO lever has the curvature on its full length, very close to some of the OEM levers. All adjustable levers except for TITAX EVO lever have strictly linear responsiveness.
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