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TITAX EVO Levers are now available !

TITAX strategy is to concentrate to the Highest Quality items only. We are always trying to be ahead against the others with our development, quality and image. One of them are the new TITAX EVO levers - the only truly ergonomic levers on the market. We call them “DIAMOND” among the adjustable levers. The TITAX EVO lever has the curvature on its full length, very close to some of the OEM levers. All adjustable levers except for TITAX EVO lever have strictly linear responsiveness.
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DUCATI 1200 Monster equipped with TITAX products

TITAX continues to extend the range of its High Performance Products for Ducati bikes. We are proud to introduce the newest TITAX "EVO" levers for Ducati Monster 1200  - the only truly ergonomic levers on the market, with the 360°Adjustable Clamps  which allow a rise in handlebars height from 0-90 mm in 5 mm increments and to move them back up to 50 mm in 4 mm increments, Our aluminum extra stiff handlebars made from forged 700 grade aluminum – we guarantee to have the strongest units by about 300% over competing products ! Add our awesome front fork adjusters available in the same colors and style. That’s TITAX quality ! The BEST of the BEST !
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TITAX is proud to announce a new partnership with FGR MIDALU motorcycles. TITAX was chosen as a supplier for FGR - producer of the one of the most exclusive motorcycles worldwide. FGR MIDALU 2500 V6 is using TITAX GP Levers. We are happy to be part of this fantastic project. www.midalu.cz
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